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Well this is the news
New mebers update 14 Nov 2006 
Posted by Skalman
I added the right members to the list, a smal update will be tomorrow about the mebers.And maybe in best case some links as well that will work.

best regards Skalman wink
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Time has run away 31 Oct 2006 
Posted by Skalman
A lot of things has happen in the past year. This site will soon be updated with info about what has been happened in Warants and around it.

As all know i cant spell for shit so i'm going to update as good as i can and after that we will use Stryker and Neomaven to type the news.
So u have the chance of understanding some of it smile
We have some new members and some members have gone missing in action.
But this will all come clear in the next couple of days.

Links will also be updated to the diffrent site's and we have some grafic things to work out on the member pages. The Forum will also come back up very soon.
We are very sorry, but all have to register once again. We are not into webpages, we are just gamers, but we will do our best to keep the site updated with things going on in the society and the game.

May the loot be with u .....Always
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Forum Meltdown / All gone.. 05 Aug 2005 
Posted by Vampirella
I was playing around with the forum as i was trying to implement a second forum on the webspace. The database didn't like this so it merged the 2 forums into one big mess.
Dont think i can clean it up as i miss backup info for warants forum. I will be setting up a new basic forum for u warants guys as it doesn't really seem like u use it alot anyway. But all need to create new accounts again etc etc.
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Alot of changes ! 25 Jan 2005 
Posted by Vampirella
The warants society has lost 4members, including myself, but gained a new:
Welcome to the greatest society in PE!
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Welcome Mjukis 17 Nov 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
I would like to welcome our newest soc member:
Hope you will enjoy your stay among the finest players in PE.
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Site down 11nov 10 Nov 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
Site will be down for hardware upgrades between 01:30-06:00 11nov.
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Removed some members 02 Nov 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
Removed some members from the site.
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New soc Member 10 Aug 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
I would like to welcome our newest soc member:
Hope you will enjoy your stay among the finest players in PE.
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small update 05 Aug 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
updated the members pages with the info you guys has given. Looking for IRL pictures and personal links now. I'm also gonna try to correct froggy's page since it shows voland instead.. tongue
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a small misunderstanding. 04 Aug 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
I would like to point out that the staff login on this page is for the news-script and not for the forum. So you can't login at the forum throu the news-script. For the forum use the forum link.
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just a small reminder for the new forum soc members 28 Jul 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
still w8 for some members to find the members info post and add their info. Plz do this as quick as you can. thx
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ops me so clumsy, clumsy me. 22 Jul 2004 
Posted by Vampirella
I did some changes in the forum and by mistake happened to take away all the posts in general. ops :)

And just now i happened to archive all the news so they all disappeared. rofl
Well i learn as i move on.. hihi
Learning by mistakes is the best for of learning.

I'm still w8ing for everybody to sign up at the forum and give me the info for the members pages. I will start editing them when i have gotten the info from most of the members.

Since i deleted the old news, again I would like to thank Levantos who made the site. Really great work.
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